Nail Care Tips For Winters

December 26, 2018


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When winter comes we make it a certainty to change our skin and hair care routine. But do you know that our nails also demand a different pampering session during winters? As most of us ignore this necessary care regime so we confront problems like brittle nails as well as peeling, chipping and cracking of nails.

Now you might be inquisitive to know exactly what needs to be done to ensure healthy nails during winters. Here they are for you. Read out!

  • Prevent over exposure to water

Bringing your nails repeatedly in contact with water is never recommended during winters. While the chlorine present in water has an all time derogatory effect on nail, in winters continuous washing of it with water washes away the natural oils present in them too. Eventually, the nails become dry and prone to breakage.

  • Avoid repeated contact with detergents

A serious warning for women who execute their domestic chores like washing and cleaning with their naked hands is that this habit should be changed immediately during winters. Basically, the chemicals present in the detergents have a drying effect on the nails.

While things are still manageable during summers when the weather remains humid, things only worsen during the winters when the climate becomes dry and devoid of any moisture. The nails get dry to an irreversible extent during the season of chills. Eventually, you end up experiencing problems like dryness, brittleness and peeling of nail.

  • Hydrate them frequently

Professionals at a reputed salon of Nail art in Kolkata suggest that a golden rule for preventing chipping and peeling of nails during the winters is to take measures that would replenish the lost moisture from the nails.

This can only be done when you make it a habit to hydrate your nails, nail bed and cuticles as often as you can during the winters.

For this purpose, you have to be a bit selective and choose a good quality hand or nail cream from a branded cosmetics manufacturer.

  • Pampering nail care session

Your nails deserve an overtly pampering nail care session at least one every week. For this you need to give your nails a hot water bath followed by invigorating massage.

Prepare your nail bath by taking lukewarm water in a tub to which you need to add some glycerin and few drops of lemon juice. While glycerin will enrich the nails with proper hydration, lemon juice will strength then with the supply of natural Vitamin C.

Give your nails an elaborate nail bath for five to ten minutes, then soak them dry. Follow up the regime by massaging the nails with cuticle oil and then wear mittens or gloves for at least an hour after that for best results.

Remove Dark Circles And Eye Bags Easily

December 24, 2018


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The bags under the eyes correspond to a swelling of the lower eyelid. They can be transient upon waking or settle more durably during aging. It should not be confused with dark circles, which are rather a darkening of the skin due to poor blood circulation or digging due to the refinement of the skin under the eye.

The age and aging of the skin that accompanies it are one of the main causes of the appearance of bags under the eyes. The fat, which is normally in the eyelids to help support the eyes, slides into the lower eyelid under the effect of gravity and looseness of the skin. The skin also loses its flexibility and firmness. The lower eyelids can then sag and bags under the eyes develop.

Like dark circles, bags under the eyes can also appear on waking. During the night, the lymph, which is in charge of transporting blood waste, can accumulate in the lower eyelid and this causes a temporary swelling. This swelling generally fades during the morning, but it can happen that the pockets persist longer, especially if you suffer from circulatory disorders.

The bags under the eyes do not appear overnight. They settle down over time and become more pronounced as they get older. An unhealthy lifestyle (lack of sleep, excessive alcohol consumption and smoking) accelerates the development of bags under the eyes.

Treatment and prevention: what solutions?

The bags under the eyes are primarily aesthetic discomfort, but are usually not serious and do not require medical attention. However, you can consult your doctor if the swelling is severe and prolonged in time, or if it is accompanied by redness, itching or pain and also if it affects other parts of the body, such as legs. A medical examination will then rule out more serious causes, such as thyroid disease, infection or allergy.

  • Cold compresses on the eye contour to decrease the swelling
  • Ttreat your lifestyle and especially your sleep. Eight-hour nights are ideal for most adults
  • You can also think of raising your head slightly with a pillow during the night, to avoid the accumulation of lymph in the face
  • Do not forget to remove all makeup before going to sleep
  • Monitor your diet and especially salt intake, as it promotes the accumulation of water
  • Finally, do your skin a favor and limit your consumption of alcohol and cigarettes

Things Your Hairstylist Wishes You Knew

December 24, 2018


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As any regular visitor of hair salons or barbershops will tell you, a hair procedure, be it a simple haircut or an extensive hair spa, frequently doubles as a bonding session between the hairstylist and them. More often than not, quirky incidents, life problems and steaming hot gossip is served along with a cup of coffee. However, lost amidst the laughter and conversation, are a few thoughts your hairstylist has, but refuses to share with you. We are certain you are rather curious about what these are and here we bring you 10 things your hairstylist wishes you knew.

  1. They really, really wish you would tell them exactly what you want. If you have even an inkling that will allow your stylist to narrow it down from an infinitely long list of possible hairstyles, share it with them. Try your best to avoid telling your hairstylist to do whatever they want unless you absolutely have no clue whatsoever.
  2. When using a salon appointment booking app to schedule your appointments, book a slot that is actually convenient for you such that you can actually show up for the appointment and not bail on it. When you cancel appointments, you are not just disrupting their carefully planned schedule but also leaving them with very less time to cater to the other clients as they would like to.
  3. Hairstylists listen to what you say and even note it down. Yes, this includes your personal life, worries, hobbies, workplace banter and everything else you talk to them about. They do this so they can pick up a conversation easily with you and ensure that both of you have a great time during your appointment. How else do you think your super busy hairstylist remembers exactly what Clarise from Selfridges said last summer about Tim?
  4. If you are not exactly a punctual customer, they feel free to lie to you about your exact appointment timing and you cannot actually blame them for it. Say, you are scheduled for a hair colouring session on Thursday at 2 pm. The receptionist at the salon will feel completely free telling you to show up by 1:30 pm so your hairstylist can get started on you and not waste their time or yours.
  5. It is a popular idea to not wash your hair before getting it done up for any occasion. This, however does not mean you show up to the hair appointment with hair that smells bad due to sweat or dirt or hair that is quite greasy because you haven’t washed it for days. What your hairstylist hopes you do here is that you actually wash your hair the night before. This way, a texture can be built around the hair that is comfortable to work with.
  6. Unless you wish to be laughed at later, don’t attempt stylist lingo when you actually have not much insight into how each word is applied appropriately to each situation. You will end up embarrassing yourself.
  7. Your hair is a lot like your skin. Treat it right. Sun damage to your hair is a very real and rather unflattering situation. Protect your hair from undue damage by covering your hair so as to limit direct exposure to sunlight.
  8. Your hairstyle speaks a lot about you and your hairstylist, so the chances of them not doing their best job on you, each and every single time is minimal. Each person walking out of the stylists’ salon represents the quality of your stylist.
  9. You can always ask for discounts on styling packages that are reasonable- say you wish to get a haircut done as well as colour it. Given the two have pretty similar ending steps you should be able to save about a quarter of the total.
  10. The salon likes babies and puppies as much as any other person: until they get annoying and noisy. Please don’t trouble the salon just because.

Types of Skin Laser Treatments?

December 24, 2018


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Skin laser treatment is majorly provided either in the form of CO2 treatment or via the advanced version of erbium laser. The choice of skin treatment is always determined from the type of skin the client has, the impact and effect of the type of different treatments, and the age of the client. Various treatment has the basic differentiation from either the ablative or non-ablative form. In this article, we will be discussing the ablative treatment in detail which includes erbium laser resurfacing treatment and CO2 laser resurfacing treatment. The non-ablative skin treatment has been stated with their basics. Erbium laser resurfacing is recommended by experienced dermatologist for clients who have a darker skin tone and the erbium laser restore facing works by removing the abnormalities of skin which are present on the surface. In addition to the surface level removal of skin abnormalities, erbium resurfacing also works moderately on the beneath layers. Erbium resurfacing comes with minimal damage and maximum safety protection because the surrounding tissues next to the unhealthy or abnormal tissues are not severely harmed in the process and minimal damage is accustomed on their part. Since erbium resurfacing is a type of skin laser treatment so it is not hundred per cent damage free and there can be risks of related complications and side effects. In this case, the advantage of erbium laser resurfacing is that the risks of complications are less and there are higher chances of getting those side-effects rectified within a few days after the erbium treatment. In comparison to the CO2 treatment which we will be discussing next, the treatment provided through erbium laser is less harmful and the rehabilitation period post skin treatment is usually covered up in one week. CO2 laser resurfacing is one of the most advanced plus the oldest form of skin treatment. With technological advancements and the massive changes with have been held in the field of medical sciences, CO2 laser resurfacing has developed to commendable heights and a variety of CO2 resurfacing treatment have been developed which offer effect results on a variety of different types and tones. CO2 resurfacing is efficient in removing skin issues such as wrinkles, scars, and warts; even the enlarged oil glands on the nose can be treated with CO2 laser resurfacing. The latest version of CO2 resurfacing utilises ultra pulse for removing thin layers of the skin. The pattern of CO2 laser is provided in scanning so that deep and effective treatment can be performed. Unlike erbium resurfacing, CO2 laser resurfacing covers almost two weeks for recovery. Both CO2 laser resurfacing and erbium resurfacing have their proficiency capabilities and side effects and their importance is determined by the type of skin for which they are being provided for. The experts in the field suggest that if one is looking for a surface level removal of skin impurity, in such cases CO2 laser resurfacing is the best option but if a deeper and finer removal of deep lines and wrinkles has to be taken care of, erbium laser resurfacing would provide the most effective skin treatment in this scenario.