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What Is a De-stress Massage & What to Expect?

December 26, 2018


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Massage or Chirapsia is an ideal way to let all the tensions and uneasiness of your body and mind down with easy techniques.

Relaxing after a hard day’s work really feels like heavenly bliss! There are various ways that one can relax. One can just lie on the couch, some can go for recreational activities, and others will seek the alternative way of relaxation like therapies and de-stress techniques. Seeking Massage or Chirapsia is one of the ancient yet popular ways to initiate the energy flow across your body making your body and mind fresh.

What is De-Stress Massage?

Any sort of Chirapsia Therapy for relieving stress involves your masseur manipulating all your soft tissues and body muscles to relieve them of pain and gradually lowering the level of stress. Such type of therapy is also known as de-stress massage. An increasingly popular form of therapy has been adopted by thousands of people worldwide for its positive effect on mood and sleep quality. From the aromatic oils to ayurvedic potions, there are wide ranges of ingredients that are used for the relaxation therapy.

Benefits of getting one

With so many health benefits attached to the de-stress massage, many would find relief from pains and aches after getting even one session. In fact, instead of regular medication which may have some side effects, you can just go for Chirapsia techniques to get overall relief. Chirapsia helps in the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. With many positive points, here are some points about what you can expect from regular massage therapy.

  • Chirapsia helps in releasing the endorphins that act natural painkiller of the human body. Endorphins are spread to the nervous system and brain reducing discomfiture and pains instantly. It helps in blocking chronic pain temporarily by activating nerve receptor signals.
  • Chirapsia also helps in increasing the immunity power of the body. It increases the circulation of the lymphatic system. Regular circulation of the lymphatic system helps in warding off all types of infection and heals the new and old injuries.
  • Chirapsia relaxes the throbbing muscles after a hard day work. The contracted muscles get relaxed after Chirapsia. Chirapsia mainly has techniques that directly exert pinches and pressures relieving everything, from tingling to numbness and pain. Swedish Chirapsia will be mainly beneficial if you are an athlete or is into hardcore physical activity.
  • Regular Chirapsia promotes calming of nervous system and relaxation of tensed muscles. It will cause the rhythm of your body to slow down lowering your blood pressure. It also stabilizes your heart rate making your breathing more and more profound and more regular giving you a calm and peaceful sleep.
  • Do you know that regular massaging can drastically improve the quality of your skin? Modern lifestyle and harsh climatic change have led to the irregular maintenance and unnecessary exposure of skin. It leads to aging and various skin ailments. Therapy of Chirapsia can stimulate all the natural skin repairing nutrients and gradually removing all the toxins. Massaging and circulation also improves the circulation moisturizing your skin imparting the natural texture of skin finally getting you rid of dryness.

How to Apply Acrylic Nail Tips at Home

December 26, 2018


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Beautiful hands have always been part of our grooming ritual since ancient times. Women love to accessorize their hands and take care of nails. In ancient Egypt, long nails were symbolic of status and wealth. In current times, beautiful nails are part of your personality, but not everyone is blessed with strong, beautiful nails. It is a way to get those lovely beautiful nails. Nail extension roughly means adding an artificial tip to your original nail end to give it length. It then gets covered with acrylic, gel or fiberglass. A nail can also be formed on your natural nail; in this process no tip is used. This forming is often called sculpting and can also be considered an extension.

Acrylic Nails Extensions

The acrylic nails are created by mixing liquid monomer and a powder polymer, which when combined form a hard protective layer that is sculpted over the natural nail. These nails become hard when exposed to air. To do extension an artificial tip added on nail before using acrylic mix. After that the nails extensions are shaped, buffed for a shiny finish.

Step Wise

Step 1:

To start, first prepare your natural nails; wash your hands, removes any polish or glue or anything with help of acetone.

Step 2:

Push your cuticles back.

Step 3:

Now buff your natural nail lightly so that it doesn’t have any shine and moisture on it.

Step 4:

If your natural nails are long, then cut them and trim the corners for better grip of artificial nails.

Step 5:

Now the important step, choosing an appropriate size of nail tips. This step is important as it will look very bad if you choose a wrong size. Take time and choose the exact size of tip which matches the c-curve of natural nail bed (from left to right). If the tip is slightly wider, then you can file it down.

Step 6:

Once you choose your tip, apply glue on the hollow part of the tip and apply it on nails. Give it a little pressure to avoid air bubbles. Be careful as the glue is very sticky.

Step 7:

Leave it on for 30 seconds. After that cut the tip a little longer than you desired length with the help of a tip cutter. (as filing and shaping will make them smaller in length.)

Step 8:

Shape you tips and sides of artificial nail, Buff them for finish.

Step 9:

Now take your buffer and start buffing lightly where the artificial tip meets the natural nail to make an even surface. Don’t buff on natural nail, try to do it on artificial tip only. Do it slowly so that you can see what you are doing and are not accidently buffing the whole artificial tip at nail bed.

Step 10:

Clean your nail and apply the base

Why You Should Have a Skincare Routine?

December 26, 2018


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Skin is the largest organ. It’s like a dress you wear all your life. Today people have realised the importance of taking care of themselves. The awareness of self-care and self-love has grown drastically. People are at the gym working out for hours, making sure their diet is on place and the skin is glowing. Today, in the world Instagram and filters we all thrive for crystal clear skin. Well, thankfully we don’t care about the complexion much as we have learnt to be comfortable in our skin tone. And that is important. An acne or a little fat in the sides cannot lower your confidence. It is important to take care of yourself not to change yourself but to enhance and maintain yourself.
It’s always a great idea to invest in a healthy lifestyle and skin. Your skin speaks your age. And none of us would like to look older than our age. In this century of pollution, UV rays, smoking, hectic lifestyle, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, etc. contribute towards the damage of skin. This speeds up aging and makes one look older than their actual age. Therefore, it is important to take care of what you have and maintain it well.
To start with, firstly know your skin type. Check whether if it is oily, dry or combination skin type. If you don’t know, do go to an expert skin care treatment clinic or DIY at home. Before you go to sleep, wash your face. Don’t apply any cream or anything. Sleep with room at normal temperature without the a/c on. Next morning as soon as you wake up tap with your fingers and check your face. If it feels dry, stretchy and itchy that means you have dry skin. If it is dry all over and oily in the T-zone you have a combination skin type. And if it is oily and sticky all over then you have oily skin type. On the basis on this you will be choosing everything that goes on your face. From the moisturizer to your foundation everything depends on your skin type. So, make sure you get it right. It’s never too late to start

  1. Cleanse your face at least thrice a day
  2. Start with the right face wash
  3. Step by step apply the thinnest products first, go in the following sequence. – Toner
  • Serum
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen

4. If you are using nourishing cream like moisturizer or serum use it well, take a nice big drop of it. Don’t spread it all over your hands and apply. Just use two fingers and dab dab and apply smoothly all over your face.
5. If you are using any medicated or treatment cream like an acne cream or anti-aging cream use it very little, it might irritate your skin. Dab it on the affected area. For anti-aging cream use it lightly like a moisturizer.
6. Sun-screen a spoonful works, if not apply enough to protect yourself from UV rays 7. At the end of the day, take your makeup off no matter how late or tired.
Cleanse your face, apply a lot of moisturizer, the under eye cream and sleep well. If you are looking for any under eye dark circles treatment, then there are some amazing fillers which help you stay free from dark circles for a year or more.
Once a week you should pamper yourself by with facials. There are some amazing anti-aging facial massage you should try. Exfoliate once a week. Don’t go too harsh. Use hydrating masks. There are lovely ones you can pick at the counter. Go ahead, have a dedicated skincare ritual and love yourself.

Use Homemade Remedies to Treat Pimple Marks

December 26, 2018


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Pimple mark is not something anyone wants to have. While there is numerous solution in removing pimple marks, some are merely a shadow of themselves. Even the uses of chemicals are more unsafe than leaving them. However, in spite of this, there is a solution that won’t cost you anything.

Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar works by killing the bacteria that causes cheek acne. It makes it uncomfortable for the bacteria by leveling the skin’s pH. Additionally, you can add lemon juice to the apple cider vinegar to dry any excessive oil. Nevertheless, be careful by not using it too much or less because it can lead to an outbreak by making the sebaceous glands to produce more than it ought. You have to start by washing and patting your face. After that, take the vinegar with water in the ratio of 1:3 dip a piece of cotton in it and apply on your pimple. Leave it there for 10 minutes, or maybe overnight. If you are doing it in a day, then reapply several times per day. Do not forget to wash and moisturize your face every time after applying.

Milk and Honey

Though, there has been numerous fuss about dairy products as the main culprits of acne; however, it can be beneficial because of its anti-bacterial acid properties. Furthermore, the fat includes the moisture to improve the skin. To deal with the cheek acne, take a tablespoon of natural honey and full-fat milk or yogurt and mix thoroughly. Finally, use a cotton ball and apply to the affected areas. Allow it to dry before washing off with water.

How to Remove Pimple Marks

Acne Face Mask

This solution is for cystic acne, the cheek gets a severe form of pimples, which is unattractive and painful. However, the combination of cinnamon and honey works perfectly because of its anti-microbial and antibiotic properties. The mask performs two actions – first wipe the pimples from the cheek and kill the bacteria. To prepare this mixture, you need a tablespoon of cinnamon and two tablespoons of honey. Mix them properly, until it forms a paste. Then wash your face, dry it before applying the mask to the affected area. Allow it to stay for at least 10 minutes before washing with water and gently scrubbed with paper towels in a circular motion. After cleaning, moisturize your skin.

Orange Peels

Not many have considered the effectiveness and potency of orange peels in dealing with pimples scars. Mix some orange peels in milk overnight. Make a paste out of the peel and apply on the affected area. You can apply on the entire face and allow to stay for 30 minutes before washing with water. For effective results, continue the process until the mark is gone. This method is effective if you want a natural and permanent way of removing pimple mark.

Cocoa margarine for healing the pimple marks

For those with normal skin tone, try this remedy. Cocoa butter contains dominant moisturizing properties. Furthermore, it helps in the regular healing process of the skin. Apply cocoa butter on the skin before going to bed. When you wake up in the morning, wash with water. For effective results, continue the process for 15 days.

Hot Trending Haircuts Around The Country

December 26, 2018


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Whether it is a regular cut or a styling switch-up, a new hairdo lets you hit reset on your entire look and helps you stand out from the crowd. There is no better way to get out of a haircut by exploring the most trending hairstyles from around the US, especially when the internet is serving you different styles week after week.

The post-haircut feeling is absolute bliss! Just thinking it is enough to make you book an appointment at the best hair salons in Albuquerque. But before scheduling an appointment, you have got to decide on which style to go with. Have a look at these trendy haircuts from every corner of the country to refresh your stylish look at this season.

Strong Bob

This haircut is already taking over Hollywood and can be seen on celebs such as Kerry Washington and Lucy Hale. If you are thinking about going with this hairstyle, you have many fabulous looks to choose from. They are cool, sexy and create a style statement!

When you plan to visit your hair salon in Albuquerque, have at least three or more photos on your phone that you can show to your stylist. By visually showing the style, the hair stylists in Albuquerque will have a better representation of what you are looking for.

Chandelier layers

Chandelier layer hairstyle is suitable for long and medium length hair. It blends in well with all hair types and can be easily adjusted according to the shape of your face. The key to achieving this hairstyle is having deep layers in the back and gradual layers towards your face. Curtain bangs are also trending. Many hair stylists in Albuquerque are naturally adding chandelier layers to the curtain bang haircuts because the swept-back styling works well with that style of fringe.


Trimming the hair right at or a little below the color bone is trending now. It is form or haircut and a variant of bob cut. With this hairstyle, you can snip off just a few tiny amounts and keep your strands long, or you can chop off and make it short. There are varieties of styles you can get.

Curly Bob

If you have natural curls, you should try curly bob hair style. The bob is very popular for curly hairs because it can be flattering on many shapes and curl patterns.

Dramatic Pixie

A pixie haircut is an excellent choice for hair of any type. You may indulge in a variety of pixie hairstyles with tousled or slicked back hair. Long and short pixie haircuts with bangs are the most popular short hair choice now.

Things to Consider to Enhance Inner Beauty

December 26, 2018


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Healthy, glowing, clear, and baby-soft skin is what everyone desires. It is the very basic of beauty. But modern lifestyle which is more adulterated and polluted than healthy makes our skin lose its innate glow. This results in dull, dehydrated layer that lacks that precious glow. You may have faced such situations when you feel low for your skin. Then, comes a whole gang of suggestions and recommendations from your friends, relatives, or family. Someone would suggest you those home remedies which claim to be cheap and effective, but they aren’t. These home remedies might have worked in the past when the level of pollution was not so high. Expecting these remedies to work in the present scenario may not be realistic because of increased pollution levels and stress in our lives.

Trust an expert and no one else

It is only with the help of a certified skin specialist that you can regain your lost beauty and luster. A certified skin specialist or best dermatologist in Gurgaon is the one who has dedicated a good number of years into dermatological studies and has practiced treating his patients for worries for quite a good period of time. Much coveted naturally glowing skin can only be achieved with the help of an expert for skin care. Skin is a far more precious organ of our body and hence cannot be left for various immatured trials by someone whose expertise is doubtful.

When you want nothing but the best results, you should consult Dr. Neha Sharma with best of the clinically approved procedures. She runs a clinic in the name of Estique clinic in Delhi NCR. You will get a complete range of clinical services which claim to impart that healthy glow to your skin. You can go for these treatments for getting that youthful blush only after getting a detailed and personalized consultation with the doctor. It is because not every treatment works for everyone. It heavily depends on personal skin conditions, medical conditions if any, and expected results for them.

Chemical Peel treatment It is a revolutionary clinical technology which uses the right combination of chemicals with specific strengths. This helps in removal of dead cells, pigmentation spots, and rough skin. The final outcome is a youthful.

Dermaroller treatment

It uses a special clinal device having multiple tiny needles on a surface which is used to puncture the skin surface very mildly. When a dermaroller is rolled, it creates small wounds triggering healing. Maximized production of collagen and formation of new layers result in complete regeneration and rejuvenation.

RF Microneedling

This treatment uses small needles for making tiny punctures on surface. It works on ability to self-healing against wounds. These tiny punctures create wounds and trigger the self-healing mechanism. This results in the production of collagen and elastin fibers resulting in the healthy.

The Estique clinic is equipped with world class machines and clinical apparatus to deliver safe and sound results for clinical procedures. The team of clinic staff is very helpful and would make you feel at your best comfort during your treatment. Hygiene and cleanliness of patient and clinic become the first priority for them.

You could find the best skin specialist in Gurgaon if you visit the Estique clinic. Finding the best skin doctor in Gurgaon is evident for getting supreme services in a most professional manner for the healthy and glowing skin.

Nail Care Tips For Winters

December 26, 2018


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When winter comes we make it a certainty to change our skin and hair care routine. But do you know that our nails also demand a different pampering session during winters? As most of us ignore this necessary care regime so we confront problems like brittle nails as well as peeling, chipping and cracking of nails.

Now you might be inquisitive to know exactly what needs to be done to ensure healthy nails during winters. Here they are for you. Read out!

  • Prevent over exposure to water

Bringing your nails repeatedly in contact with water is never recommended during winters. While the chlorine present in water has an all time derogatory effect on nail, in winters continuous washing of it with water washes away the natural oils present in them too. Eventually, the nails become dry and prone to breakage.

  • Avoid repeated contact with detergents

A serious warning for women who execute their domestic chores like washing and cleaning with their naked hands is that this habit should be changed immediately during winters. Basically, the chemicals present in the detergents have a drying effect on the nails.

While things are still manageable during summers when the weather remains humid, things only worsen during the winters when the climate becomes dry and devoid of any moisture. The nails get dry to an irreversible extent during the season of chills. Eventually, you end up experiencing problems like dryness, brittleness and peeling of nail.

  • Hydrate them frequently

Professionals at a reputed salon of Nail art in Kolkata suggest that a golden rule for preventing chipping and peeling of nails during the winters is to take measures that would replenish the lost moisture from the nails.

This can only be done when you make it a habit to hydrate your nails, nail bed and cuticles as often as you can during the winters.

For this purpose, you have to be a bit selective and choose a good quality hand or nail cream from a branded cosmetics manufacturer.

  • Pampering nail care session

Your nails deserve an overtly pampering nail care session at least one every week. For this you need to give your nails a hot water bath followed by invigorating massage.

Prepare your nail bath by taking lukewarm water in a tub to which you need to add some glycerin and few drops of lemon juice. While glycerin will enrich the nails with proper hydration, lemon juice will strength then with the supply of natural Vitamin C.

Give your nails an elaborate nail bath for five to ten minutes, then soak them dry. Follow up the regime by massaging the nails with cuticle oil and then wear mittens or gloves for at least an hour after that for best results.

Remove Dark Circles And Eye Bags Easily

December 24, 2018


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The bags under the eyes correspond to a swelling of the lower eyelid. They can be transient upon waking or settle more durably during aging. It should not be confused with dark circles, which are rather a darkening of the skin due to poor blood circulation or digging due to the refinement of the skin under the eye.

The age and aging of the skin that accompanies it are one of the main causes of the appearance of bags under the eyes. The fat, which is normally in the eyelids to help support the eyes, slides into the lower eyelid under the effect of gravity and looseness of the skin. The skin also loses its flexibility and firmness. The lower eyelids can then sag and bags under the eyes develop.

Like dark circles, bags under the eyes can also appear on waking. During the night, the lymph, which is in charge of transporting blood waste, can accumulate in the lower eyelid and this causes a temporary swelling. This swelling generally fades during the morning, but it can happen that the pockets persist longer, especially if you suffer from circulatory disorders.

The bags under the eyes do not appear overnight. They settle down over time and become more pronounced as they get older. An unhealthy lifestyle (lack of sleep, excessive alcohol consumption and smoking) accelerates the development of bags under the eyes.

Treatment and prevention: what solutions?

The bags under the eyes are primarily aesthetic discomfort, but are usually not serious and do not require medical attention. However, you can consult your doctor if the swelling is severe and prolonged in time, or if it is accompanied by redness, itching or pain and also if it affects other parts of the body, such as legs. A medical examination will then rule out more serious causes, such as thyroid disease, infection or allergy.

  • Cold compresses on the eye contour to decrease the swelling
  • Ttreat your lifestyle and especially your sleep. Eight-hour nights are ideal for most adults
  • You can also think of raising your head slightly with a pillow during the night, to avoid the accumulation of lymph in the face
  • Do not forget to remove all makeup before going to sleep
  • Monitor your diet and especially salt intake, as it promotes the accumulation of water
  • Finally, do your skin a favor and limit your consumption of alcohol and cigarettes

Things Your Hairstylist Wishes You Knew

As any regular visitor of hair salons or barbershops will tell you, a hair procedure, be it a simple haircut or an extensive hair spa, frequently doubles as a bonding session between the hairstylist and them. More often than not, quirky incidents, life problems and steaming hot gossip is served along with a cup of coffee. However, lost amidst the laughter and conversation, are a few thoughts your hairstylist has, but refuses to share with you. We are certain you are rather curious about what these are and here we bring you 10 things your hairstylist wishes you knew.

  1. They really, really wish you would tell them exactly what you want. If you have even an inkling that will allow your stylist to narrow it down from an infinitely long list of possible hairstyles, share it with them. Try your best to avoid telling your hairstylist to do whatever they want unless you absolutely have no clue whatsoever.
  2. When using a salon appointment booking app to schedule your appointments, book a slot that is actually convenient for you such that you can actually show up for the appointment and not bail on it. When you cancel appointments, you are not just disrupting their carefully planned schedule but also leaving them with very less time to cater to the other clients as they would like to.
  3. Hairstylists listen to what you say and even note it down. Yes, this includes your personal life, worries, hobbies, workplace banter and everything else you talk to them about. They do this so they can pick up a conversation easily with you and ensure that both of you have a great time during your appointment. How else do you think your super busy hairstylist remembers exactly what Clarise from Selfridges said last summer about Tim?
  4. If you are not exactly a punctual customer, they feel free to lie to you about your exact appointment timing and you cannot actually blame them for it. Say, you are scheduled for a hair colouring session on Thursday at 2 pm. The receptionist at the salon will feel completely free telling you to show up by 1:30 pm so your hairstylist can get started on you and not waste their time or yours.
  5. It is a popular idea to not wash your hair before getting it done up for any occasion. This, however does not mean you show up to the hair appointment with hair that smells bad due to sweat or dirt or hair that is quite greasy because you haven’t washed it for days. What your hairstylist hopes you do here is that you actually wash your hair the night before. This way, a texture can be built around the hair that is comfortable to work with.
  6. Unless you wish to be laughed at later, don’t attempt stylist lingo when you actually have not much insight into how each word is applied appropriately to each situation. You will end up embarrassing yourself.
  7. Your hair is a lot like your skin. Treat it right. Sun damage to your hair is a very real and rather unflattering situation. Protect your hair from undue damage by covering your hair so as to limit direct exposure to sunlight.
  8. Your hairstyle speaks a lot about you and your hairstylist, so the chances of them not doing their best job on you, each and every single time is minimal. Each person walking out of the stylists’ salon represents the quality of your stylist.
  9. You can always ask for discounts on styling packages that are reasonable- say you wish to get a haircut done as well as colour it. Given the two have pretty similar ending steps you should be able to save about a quarter of the total.
  10. The salon likes babies and puppies as much as any other person: until they get annoying and noisy. Please don’t trouble the salon just because.

Types of Skin Laser Treatments?

Skin laser treatment is majorly provided either in the form of CO2 treatment or via the advanced version of erbium laser. The choice of skin treatment is always determined from the type of skin the client has, the impact and effect of the type of different treatments, and the age of the client. Various treatment has the basic differentiation from either the ablative or non-ablative form. In this article, we will be discussing the ablative treatment in detail which includes erbium laser resurfacing treatment and CO2 laser resurfacing treatment. The non-ablative skin treatment has been stated with their basics. Erbium laser resurfacing is recommended by experienced dermatologist for clients who have a darker skin tone and the erbium laser restore facing works by removing the abnormalities of skin which are present on the surface. In addition to the surface level removal of skin abnormalities, erbium resurfacing also works moderately on the beneath layers. Erbium resurfacing comes with minimal damage and maximum safety protection because the surrounding tissues next to the unhealthy or abnormal tissues are not severely harmed in the process and minimal damage is accustomed on their part. Since erbium resurfacing is a type of skin laser treatment so it is not hundred per cent damage free and there can be risks of related complications and side effects. In this case, the advantage of erbium laser resurfacing is that the risks of complications are less and there are higher chances of getting those side-effects rectified within a few days after the erbium treatment. In comparison to the CO2 treatment which we will be discussing next, the treatment provided through erbium laser is less harmful and the rehabilitation period post skin treatment is usually covered up in one week. CO2 laser resurfacing is one of the most advanced plus the oldest form of skin treatment. With technological advancements and the massive changes with have been held in the field of medical sciences, CO2 laser resurfacing has developed to commendable heights and a variety of CO2 resurfacing treatment have been developed which offer effect results on a variety of different types and tones. CO2 resurfacing is efficient in removing skin issues such as wrinkles, scars, and warts; even the enlarged oil glands on the nose can be treated with CO2 laser resurfacing. The latest version of CO2 resurfacing utilises ultra pulse for removing thin layers of the skin. The pattern of CO2 laser is provided in scanning so that deep and effective treatment can be performed. Unlike erbium resurfacing, CO2 laser resurfacing covers almost two weeks for recovery. Both CO2 laser resurfacing and erbium resurfacing have their proficiency capabilities and side effects and their importance is determined by the type of skin for which they are being provided for. The experts in the field suggest that if one is looking for a surface level removal of skin impurity, in such cases CO2 laser resurfacing is the best option but if a deeper and finer removal of deep lines and wrinkles has to be taken care of, erbium laser resurfacing would provide the most effective skin treatment in this scenario.