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April 1, 2019


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Addressing Your Immigration Bond Eligibility

One of the most uncertain, stressful, and anxiety-provoking times of your life is when you will be detained by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Aside from the person being detained, even their families are affected. Until this day, the feeling of being detained by the ICE or having a loved one detained is like being imprisoned. The majority of the families who have been left behind often wonder what they will do next after scrambling to get back their life. Immigration bond providers are well aware of the fact that no progress can be made unless an immigration court is attended by the detainee. Once the immigration court has been attended by the detainee, his or her immigration bond eligibility will then be determined.

For most detainees, they make sure to figure out their immigration bond eligibility even before the judge will finalize their decision. Assessing your eligibility for an immigration bond is often challenging on its own. Oftentimes, whether or not you have been admitted lawfully into the US is the basis of your immigration bond eligibility. During detainment, you can still fight your way against the file that is made against you even if you are ineligible for an immigration bail bond. If the outcome is a good one, you will have more chances of staying in the US.

Assuming that you are eligible for an immigration bail bond is essential even if the immigration judge will make the final decision in the end. There are certain scenarios, though, that will be made mention below that would lead you to already assume that you do not have immigration bond eligibility as per the advice of expert immigration bail bondsmen.

Applying for a parole from the immigration authorities may be necessary if you have been detained in any port of entry such as American beaches, the US-Mexico border, the US-Canada border, and airports while trying to enter the US. Be sure to look into the National Immigrant Justice Center for more details on the process.

Getting immigration bond eligibility is also impossible for those who have convictions associated with moral turpitude. For those who are dealing with an offense in relation to firearms, they are also not eligible for an immigration bail bond. Having one or more convictions with drug possession charges is the same.

An aggravated felony conviction also makes you not eligible for an immigration bail bond. Aggravated felonies come in many forms. Firearm trafficking offenses and drug trafficking, selling, and manufacturing are included in this classification. Rape, possession of child pornography or sexual abuse of a minor, attempted murder or murder, felony alien smuggling, income tax evasion or fraud, and money laundering are all included as well. An aggravated felony charge also covers getting more than a year of jail time.

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