What Is a De-stress Massage & What to Expect?

December 26, 2018


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Massage or Chirapsia is an ideal way to let all the tensions and uneasiness of your body and mind down with easy techniques.

Relaxing after a hard day’s work really feels like heavenly bliss! There are various ways that one can relax. One can just lie on the couch, some can go for recreational activities, and others will seek the alternative way of relaxation like therapies and de-stress techniques. Seeking Massage or Chirapsia is one of the ancient yet popular ways to initiate the energy flow across your body making your body and mind fresh.

What is De-Stress Massage?

Any sort of Chirapsia Therapy for relieving stress involves your masseur manipulating all your soft tissues and body muscles to relieve them of pain and gradually lowering the level of stress. Such type of therapy is also known as de-stress massage. An increasingly popular form of therapy has been adopted by thousands of people worldwide for its positive effect on mood and sleep quality. From the aromatic oils to ayurvedic potions, there are wide ranges of ingredients that are used for the relaxation therapy.

Benefits of getting one

With so many health benefits attached to the de-stress massage, many would find relief from pains and aches after getting even one session. In fact, instead of regular medication which may have some side effects, you can just go for Chirapsia techniques to get overall relief. Chirapsia helps in the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. With many positive points, here are some points about what you can expect from regular massage therapy.

  • Chirapsia helps in releasing the endorphins that act natural painkiller of the human body. Endorphins are spread to the nervous system and brain reducing discomfiture and pains instantly. It helps in blocking chronic pain temporarily by activating nerve receptor signals.
  • Chirapsia also helps in increasing the immunity power of the body. It increases the circulation of the lymphatic system. Regular circulation of the lymphatic system helps in warding off all types of infection and heals the new and old injuries.
  • Chirapsia relaxes the throbbing muscles after a hard day work. The contracted muscles get relaxed after Chirapsia. Chirapsia mainly has techniques that directly exert pinches and pressures relieving everything, from tingling to numbness and pain. Swedish Chirapsia will be mainly beneficial if you are an athlete or is into hardcore physical activity.
  • Regular Chirapsia promotes calming of nervous system and relaxation of tensed muscles. It will cause the rhythm of your body to slow down lowering your blood pressure. It also stabilizes your heart rate making your breathing more and more profound and more regular giving you a calm and peaceful sleep.
  • Do you know that regular massaging can drastically improve the quality of your skin? Modern lifestyle and harsh climatic change have led to the irregular maintenance and unnecessary exposure of skin. It leads to aging and various skin ailments. Therapy of Chirapsia can stimulate all the natural skin repairing nutrients and gradually removing all the toxins. Massaging and circulation also improves the circulation moisturizing your skin imparting the natural texture of skin finally getting you rid of dryness.